A Happy Dogs Bedtime Prayer  
Author Unknown

Now I lay me down to sleep,
The queen-size bed is soft and deep.
I sleep right in the center groove,
My human being can hardly move.

I've trapped her legs,
she's tucked in tight,
and here is where I pass the night.
No one disturbs me or dares intrude,
Til morning comes and I want food.

I sneak up slowly and it begins,
My nibbles on my human's chin.
She wakes up slowly and smiles and shouts,
"You darling beast! Just cut it out!"
But morning's here and it's time to play,
I always seem to get my way.

So thank you, Lord, for giving me,
this human person that I see.
The one who holds me tight
and shares her bed with me at night!


A Happy Dog Owners Bedtime Prayer 
Thank you Lord for caring dogs - like those of mine.
They gave me one corner of cover last night,
thats a reason for my smile and shine
today. For a few hours I was able to sleep - quite!

Letting them have my pillow
completely is all right
since I can use an arm under my head
and there is plenty of room in my bed
because my body is willow.
And I know not to wake up a dog sleeping tight!

I myself can fit into almost no room at all.
Besides Im like a monkey and hardly ever fall
no matter how much they kick and snore.
Seven dogs in my bed is my highest score.

With those Im able to still sleep in my bed
and I dont have to move to the shed.
I guess my dogs would probably move with me -
where I am, there they also want to be.

Maybe I should buy a bed; wide and new
but it might be a reason to get one more dog too....

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