Buyer Beware
There are various places on the web where one can search for a dog of their chosen breed.

Unfortunately many of them are vehicles for puppy millers to dispose of their stock. The prices quoted are ridiculous and outrageous, no ethical breeder would even dream of asking for such huge amounts.

Most of them state “shipping included” in the asking price but when it comes time to take possession of the puppy, shipping charges are suddenly at your expense.

This is disturbing, but even more so are the American advertisers’ statements that the puppy can be registered with AKC etc. We have rescued puppies from these advertisers only to find that the puppies are not eligible for AKC registration. Either the sire or the dam, or both, are not registered with AKC, therefore their puppies are ineligible.

Where the puppies are ineligible for registration with the American Kennel Club, they are not eligible with any other ethical national registration organization. 

We have contacted the breeders and in each instance have been told that only “etc” applies. In a nutshell, this means that the puppies can only be registered with The American Pet Registry Inc (APRI) or one of the other “registration bodies” which the millers have set up themselves to bypass the American Kennel Club and other legitimate registration organizations. Puppies registered with APRI cannot be bred to an AKC registered dog, nor can they be shown at an AKC sanctioned match.


We have also found in several instances that a complete pedigree is not available for the puppy, only the names of the sire and dam are given. APRI will, at the request of the breeder, suppress any additional information. Although we have searched the world for information on the names of the sires and dams given us, we have been unable to obtain any information about them whatsoever, which leads us to believe they are unregistered mill Dandies.

We advise extreme caution if anyone is considering buying a Dandie puppy via advertisements of this nature.
                                                   “Buyer Beware” indeed!




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