Sherry Heiser  ©2012


  Saw a snowflake tonight…..reminded me of home

Remembered the comfort I had…hurt my heart to know it’s gone

If I close my eyes and tell my body it’s not cold

I can almost feel the warmth again of being held

The quiet time shared at home, snuggled on the couch

Watching as the snow came down from the window in our house

One snowflake at a time just knowing I was safe

Makes me cry, not only for myself ....but the others that are cold

Hoping you took the time today, to save one like myself

It only takes one minute ... one minute of your time

To save that dog you see freezing in the cold

I feel there is no help for me, so long I’ve been so scared

Funny, how the snowflake…can bring so many tears

If everyone would remember us, when the snow begins to fall

And know that we are out here, praying you will come

In that tiny snowflake…is a message to us all

You are not in heaven yet, so be sure to heed the call

The angels…they do cry, when they see so much despair

The snowflakes you see falling…are teardrops from the sky

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