Skookum, fondly known as Skooky, was originally named Kaila and turned in to the rescue program of the DDTCA. She had been bought in a pet store in Chicago with papers stating she was from a Nebraska miller. Her first family found the crazy antics of a Dandie puppy more than they cared 
to live with. Their friends accepted her to join their household of several children and a couple of cats. The Skook enjoyed herself greatly to the dismay 
of the second family who responsibly contacted the breed club’s rescue chair, Jacolyn Dadles. 

Kaila’s life was changed forever with a temporary arrangement for spending a Christmas holiday with Kloshe at the Bond’s. This visit was to thin the dog list traveling to Jacolyn’s family holiday gathering.  It was readily noticeable that Skookum (her new name meaning energetic, vital and strong from the Pacific Northwest Jargon) belonged with Kloshe. These two were the best of buddies, enjoying daily crazy playtimes, long travel adventures, camping in the VW camper across the continent, and shared digging expeditions. When a slipped disc paralyzed Skooky and ultimately caused a bladder infection to run rampant, there was no way to prevent her life from ending at age five. Skooky’s passing left a huge void in Kloshe’s and her family’s life.



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