Rutvier Ruddi

Rutvier Ruddi was rescued by Lori Bugby in a group of Dandies called the Missouri 6 that were rescued from a puppy mill.  Because his coat was so very dark it became apparent he was not attractive to an adopting home.  Jeanne Tharalson, in her infinite love of Dandies, took the old boy in and relished his dignified response to being loved and catered to by the entire household. 

While in the puppy mill he was used exten- sively as a sire for offspring for the pet commercial trade, having sired so many of the Dandies who in turn were bred, that his name now appears in scores of their pedigrees.

We will never know how many puppies he actually sired, but amongst them are: Ace Highs Julie; Ace Highs Pop Top; Dumas Daniel Wooly Valley; Miss Truly Cookie; Royal Lady of Queensview and Wee Barik’s Little Buddy.

His sisters, Kloshe and Mollie, were put up for sale in a local newspaper in SW Missouri.  The ad generated the presence of Sandra Stuart as the Dandies In Distress representative who bought the two girls to save them from endless breeding.  Jacolyn Dadles rehabilitated the two and placed them.

Ruddi is most fondly remembered as a delightful old guy who sired many Dandies who, later rescued, went to loving homes and thrived as did he, living his last years to about age 13 in a loving home with attendant servants.



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