Pauper, as he was named by the shelter director, was likely the product of a puppy mill. Unable to run due to extensive matting, he was picked up by animal control during a blizzard in Cheyenne, Wyoming in January of 1984. I learned about him at a meeting of the shelter and met him the following day. He was pathetically emaciated and his muzzle was scarred as he circled the room always keeping one side of himself to the walls. Several others had come to see him and offer fostering, but I was the only one he did not attempt to bite. Thus began my avocation of fostering and my love for Dandies.

As I began to work with him to reestablish his trust in humans, I realized that this dog would teach me perhaps more than I could ever teach him. Pauper taught me the ability of a dogís forgiveness and the immense capacity of love a rescue has to offer. 

In the 12 years he shared my life, Pauper was a loving gentleman who adored many people and assisted numerous other Dandies as they transitioned from fosters to Dandies with forever families. 38 foster Dandies later, Pauperís legacy lives on and always will. 





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