Having been confined to a crate in the puppy mill for the first eight months of her life, Kloshe and her sister Mollie were bought by an agent of the Dandies In Distress program of the DDTCA, shipped to a rehab home where a video reveals they could barely walk. She was then spayed in readiness for going to a forever home. Subsequently, this girl “tried out” two homes and was sent back for ”lively” reasons. The third time was the charm and life became one grand adventure. She was so turned on to life she wrote letters to her chums at the rehab home. These were ultimately published. 

After a year or so Kloshe acquired a new friend, Skookum, who was another rescued Dandie. Skookum and Kloshe were the truest of buddies, but Fate intervened. Skooky developed a slipped disc, was paralyzed and ultimately passed on from a virulent bladder infection. Mickie was then obtained, as Kloshe was definitely pining over loss of her very best pal.  Mickie was a left over pup at age 3 from a breeder who needed her own home.

   Glaucoma was a nemesis to Kloshe in later life to which she never surrendered her freedom. Her blind state never deterred her from the nightly need to go downstairs and outside to take care of necessities and return to the communal bed. Nor did blindness stop her from following her friend Mickie through a discovered hole in the fence to go chipmunk hunting across two back yards and return with a prize,  all on her own, or to take walks with the family around the block. Her charming letters are available for purchase to support the Dandie Dinmont Trust.

Kloshe had a powerful effect on many. As a Dandie of distinction, though never one of the show ring,  she was nominated to become the poster girl for the Dandie Dinmont Trust, an international group that is dedicated to raising funds for research in health issues of the breed, most particularly glaucoma. More personally, Kloshe instilled a profound love and respect for her and the breed.

The realization in the early 1990’s that Dandies should be on the endangered specie list drove me to want to do my part to produce new healthy Dandies and work for preservation of the well being of all Dandies, a breed I had never heard of and introduced because of a similarity to a silly Peke-poodle- dachshund mix.
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