Bree was a Dandie whose life went terribly wrong.  She was not a puppy mill product; she was bred in a reputable kennel. She was placed at an appropriate age in another kennel where her life started to go off-track.

She was both an American and Canadian Champion. Yet somehow she was unwanted. Her second owner sold her to a young couple on the premise they could “flip” her. In fact she was at a show, matted and dirty, being offered for sale. She disappeared after that and then resurfaced some years later at another American Kennel who were offering her, at age 11, for placement.  (She was just over 7 years when she had her one and only litter at that kennel.)


Luckily for her, her next person went to see her. That person was appalled at the conditions in which Bree and her kennel mates were living and adopted her on the spot. Bree left that kennel without a backwards look – she somehow knew that at that moment her life had changed forever.

Her previous life had not diminished her love for fun or her zest for life – even at age 11 she greatly entertained and enjoyed herself playing soccer with a large children’s ball.

She lived out the remainder of her years as a dearly loved member of a family which was inspired by Bree to rescue as many of the “old ones” as humanly possible.

“Their remaining years may be short, but they are oh so sweet.”

A fitting tribute to a Dandie who retained her loving temperament and quiet determination to make the most out of whatever life threw her way, survived some terrible years and went to the Rainbow Bridge knowing that her last years were an inspiration to all who knew her.     


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