Sparky was not a DDTRL rescue, but this is his story as told by his rescuer, Linda.
Our Sparky got his name from the manner in which we found him -- at a bonfire gathering at a friend's house. Our friends said he had been running with some other dogs for a couple of weeks. We were cooking hotdogs over the fire. People gave Sparky one, and then two. He decided he was full, so he
took it and hid it in the bushes for later! He was the most pitiful sight. His hair was long to the ground and he was matted and dirty and had burs stuck to the bottom of his feet making him limp. Out of all the 30+ people sitting around the fire, he came right up to me and sat up with his front legs crossed in the air. He looked so pitiful (and yet adorable). I picked him up and laid him across my lap and he went right to sleep. We took him home and groomed him for 2 hours! He had fleas and ear mites and was so matted that we had to shave him down. He actually fell asleep while I was grooming him. We put him in a crate that night because we had just bought a Schnauzer puppy (Max) and had 2 cats and we wanted to keep them separated until we were able to supervise their introductions. The next morning, Max
and Sparky touched noses through the cage and they were loving brothers for 13 years. We didn't even know that he was a Dandie until one day a lady stopped us on our walk and told us. We didn't even know what a Dandie Dinmont was, but when we looked it up on the internet, there was his picture!  He brought us joy everyday and we miss him and Max very much. And that's the Sparky story . I love telling it because  it was so special that he picked us to love. Bless you for the rescue work that you do for these special angels.
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