When Charlie was found and trapped by animal control, he was eating his dinner - from a garbage can!

Although he had obviously been abandoned for a long time, he was resourceful - like all Dandies - and had found his own way to survive.

He was in a terrible condition, his coat so matted he could only just move his front feet.  At the Shelter his coat was shaved and cleaned to ease his discomfort and to see if they could determine his breed. He is a sweet boy and did not object in any way to all the fussing.

His picture was put on the Web as a possible adoption, without too much hope as Charlie is an old boy - estimated age 12  13 years, apparently deaf and with limited sight. 

Suzun, who regularly surfs the Web Sites of Shelters, happened upon his picture and she couldn't forget him - he remained just below the conscious level of her mind, nagging her to take another look as he seemed to be saying to her "Look at me! You have found a gem". 

A day later she made the trip to the Shelter and it was a match at first sight. She said "When I saw him standing in that cage he looked as though he was up for an adventure. He had no name, only a number A935256".

Suzun's Vet found that he had two facial tumors which had to be removed, and layers of gunk in his ears.

Despite the unimaginable events of his life he continues to show how he can adapt, he is learning hand signals for instance. He has made his own place with Suzun's other dogs, and although he has never barked he does enjoy their company and loves to watch them play.

Suzan says "Charlie is an old man and has very little time left, but a lot of love to give, and he is giving it all to me". She adds "It is a wonder in life to find a diamond in a limp clump of coal"

          Charlie on day one
           Charlie one month later.
          Once he was only a number A935256....
  he is very much loved by Suzun.
               Charlie today.
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