Charles was found in a shelter in Los Angeles. DDTRL contacted Larry - a long time member of the American Dandie Club - who lives in the vicinity and asked if he could go and take a look at Charles for us. Larry, kind soul that he is, readily agreed and went the next day. As he confessed later, he knew that if Charles "did not try to bite him"  he would be going home with Larry! Charles, of course, sensing that his fortune was about to change, was the perfect gentleman and home he went - on a foster basis. Larry took him to his Vet for a check-up and neuter, and was advised that contrary to the shelter's estimate of his age, he was only about 18 months old. Charles was also treated to a grooming session - he had to look good for his future home!

There were two Dandies already in residence, one of which was a male... How would Charles and Earl get along? Very well it turned out - and yes, you've guessed it, Charles is home to stay - he is no longer available for adoption. A very happy ending?

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