Casey was not rescued by DDTRL, but his story is so touching we felt we had to share it with you.

Hey Y’all, I would l like to tell you a story.

It was Monday, June15, 2009, around 8:00 PM. Larry and Nancy just returned home from a friend's wedding and they were sitting on their front porch.

I just happened to be walking by their house around that time, all by myself, when I heard Larry say “Hey”. Well I stopped and looked at them and Larry called me over, looked at my collar, and there was no tag. It seems that I was a stray and no one knew where I lived, including me.

Just a few houses up the street live Fred and Ann. Fred is a veterinarian. Well Ann told Larry and Nancy to bring me over to their house and they would find me a crate for the evening and make sure that Animal Control picked me up in the morning and take me to the animal shelter. Woe is me!!

Little did I know that Larry and Nancy, who by the way are very kind and wonderful folks, had taken a liking to me. They were considering adopting me if my owner, whoever that was, didn’t come to claim me.

Larry and Nancy called the shelter and were told that they had to wait 4 days in order to adopt me.

I guess that they were very impatient, because they came into see me twice during those 4 days.

I am so glad that I found them. It must have been meant to be, because it’s now Saturday, June 27, 2009 and I have been living with Larry and Nancy for 6 days. What can I say, I am s-o-o-o happy and so are they. Did I mention that they are very kind and wonderful folks?

I am about 1 year old and weigh only 16 pounds and fortunately for Larry and Nancy, I am also housebroken.

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