Was rescued from an auction at age 4-1/2. She had spent her entire life in a Mill.

Her adventure into freedom had just begun.   

There was a new home waiting and eager to get her, but first she had to have medical attention and be spayed.    This was all set up when Carlie came into heat – and that threw a spanner (wrench) in the works…

Eventually it all worked out and Carlie was ready to go to her forever home, but it was quite a distance to transport her.    Never being ones to be daunted, our placement person, Jacolyn, delved into various options and discovered PilotsNPaws – a wonderful group of people who are friends of Breed Rescue all over the States and who flew private planes!

Arrangements were made to transport Carlie to her new home this way – what a change for her, going from the squalor of a mill to her own private air transportation.    She was getting used to the “good life” with a vengeance…

All of this good living was a challenge for Carlie to get used to – and it must have been hard on her to start with, but she quickly realised her change of fortune and adapted with speed.    She learned to walk on a leash the second day she was in her new home, it took her only a week to accept treats from a hand, but her house training took a little longer!

She is now living happily with Shirley – her devoted owner – getting fed regularly, going for daily walks, playing with toys and, even better, playing with her doggie friend Sammie, who although the first resident, welcomed Carlie with open paws..


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