Arnie was rescued in the spring of 2009, when he was already 4 years old. He had been used for breeding in a puppy mill. The rehabilitation home cared for him until he was healthy and ready to be adopted. I found out about this boy  from a dear friend and my husband and I applied to adopt him. We brought him home in June 2009 and since then it has just gotten better and better!

I can't say enough wonderful things about him ---- he has blossomed and is a sweet friendly, durable little guy who is just as cute as a button. Shy and reticent as first, he loves his family, being petted and brushed, having his tummy scratched and being kissed and hugged - and taking rides in the car. He's a super traveller! He's alread been to Vermont with us.

He learns quickly and is very responsive most of the time  (not when squirrels are calling, however). The neighbors love him and he loves all of them AND their dogs. We play with them as often as we can. He is truly a blessing to us and we love him dearly.

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