Piper came to us through the infamous March 2010 auction.    At first all appeared to be well with her, but shortly after she went to her forever home it became apparent that this was not so.    A visit to the Vet revealed that she was suffering from kidney damage (not kidney disease) and was functioning on just one kidney.  Immediately her new people and DDTRL took steps to alleviate the situation.    At first with medication and a special kidney diet she did well.   Sadly in April 2011 she again showed signs of distress and was found once again to be in renal (kidney) failure.   

This time she could not be saved and much to the distress of her people, her companion dog and members of DDTRL she went to the Rainbow Bridge on 24th April, 2011.    She was just 4 years old.

 Had she received medical treatment at the time the damage occurred she could have lived a normal lifespan but, of course, Puppy Millers just do not give medical treatment to their unfortunate animals. 

Piper will long be remembered for her loving personality, her little squeaky bark and the valiant fight she waged to live.  

Be at peace little girl…        



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