My husband and I adopted a Dandie from the local humane society in the summer of '95. Prior to this we had never heard of the breed. Oscar, as he came to be called, was our best friend for twelve too short years. He was a treasure, he went everywhere and did everything with us. He was such a good natured dog that even 'non' dog people liked him. He took the arrival of our children in stride and just figured that it meant more love to give and as well as receive! Oscar has been gone for 18 months now and not a day goes by without me missing him. His parting has affected all of us. My daughters still talk about Oscar and express how much they miss him and I still catch occasional 'glimpses' of him (his spirit, maybe he's missing me too)? I say, for a little dog that was once abandoned, it's a pretty good legacy.
          Oscar was rescued and loved by Joni and her family.
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