We learned about Dalen as he was the sire of some of the Dandies DDTRL had previously rescued from a certain mill.

Dalen turned out to be a “mystery dog”. Although the Breeder shown on his registration is an American, we suspect that he might have been an imported dog. His registration came from APRI (American Pet Registry Inc) which is not exactly the same as any National Kennel Club. Dalen’s sire was shown as “Word of Dandies Charly” and his dam as “Greta von Siusshont”. The sires and dams for both of these two are shown as “Imported Dog”. APRI refused to divulge any more information on the grounds that it was suppressed by Dalen’s breeder.

 APRI hold their own shows and Dalen was an APRI Champion.

A private effort was made to rescue him from the mill by a member of the American Dandie Club some 2 or 3 years ago, but the offer was refused on the grounds that he was their much beloved pet.

Then came March, 2010 when 13 Dandies were entered into an auction at Salem, Missouri, as a kennel sell out. All were rescued and one of them was Dalen!

His registration certificate showed his date of birth as 2nd January 2004 but the Vet who examined him after his rescue in March 2010 thought that he was at least 10 years old. He was found to have no teeth; an X-ray showed he had an old neck fracture; he had an old calcified jaw fracture and there was a high possibility he suffered Cushing’s.

Dalen was terrified of “clicking” sounds associated with cameras; therefore very few pictures of him exist. This picture was taken just after he was rescued and was in the foster home getting the medical treatment he required and adjusting to living outside of a cage.

We did not know Dalen personally as he went straight to his approved forever home from the foster care facility but we did receive regular reports on his welfare. He really loved his freedom and spent a lot of his energy patrolling the fenced property of his new family, determined to defend it, but he was a very friendly little guy and would probably have shown any robber where the silver was kept.

Sadly, Dalen lived for a short 10 months after his rescue. He went to the Rainbow Bridge on January 4th, 2011. His life was not an easy one, but he had 10 months of love, devotion and freedom into which he packed a great deal of the joy of living that should have been his right for his entire life.
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